Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht, Majesty 155 (M/Y My Escape) anchored off Cannes


Come and visit us at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 12-17, 2017 at stand SYE 224

Majesty 110 getting ready for the Cannes Yachting Festival

Gulf Craft Maldives signs partnership with Maldives Transport and Contracting Company

Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps signs agreement with Ibrahim Ziyath, CEO of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company, (MTCC)Male, Maldives– Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has signed as a priority partner of Gulf Craft. The partnership agreement was signed by Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps and MTCC CEO Ibrahim Ziyath.

The agreement signed by MTCC and Gulf Craft will enable the company to install Suzuki outboard engines on boats built by Gulf Craft Maldives. Continue reading

Fiberglass in Boating

Choosing the right yacht that suits your need and preferences is a serious decision to make because of the potential issues that you have to consider such as size, style, engine, and hull construction. There has been a long-standing argument whether to choose fiberglass or aluminum, but the truth is each has their own benefits. It just all depends on the what you’re using the yacht for and other important factors.

The first fiberglass fiber, which we use today, was first made in 1932 by accident when a researcher from Corning Glass was trying to weld two glass blocks and a jet of compressed air hit a stream of molten glass. It then turned out to be what researchers and yacht builders had been trying to make, for years. While the first-ever fiberglass boat was made in 1942. Continue reading


When Erwin Bamps joined Gulf Craft as CEO in 2002, his main task was to scale up the business. At the time, the company was building smaller vessels, but its intention was clear. It first wanted to build yachts, then superyachts, and get a global presence.

With headquarters in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, Gulf Craft originally began targeting potential Middle East customers who were right on its doorstep. The increase in wealth in the Emirates, and later Southeast Asia, helped the company grow, and now it has three shipyards in the Gulf, and a further one in the Maldives, employing just over 1,500 people across all locations.

Although Gulf Craft is growing, Bamps believes that, for the industry to grow further, we need to look more towards shared ownership. Continue reading

What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?

Luxury expedition or explorer yachts are long range yachts built to cross the vast and beautiful waterways of the world offering sophisticated and comfortable accommodation. In the recent years, a new breed of luxury exploration boat has emerged — a yacht built for safety, endurance, and high-quality performance.

Luxury explorer yachts are ideal for an offshore adventure. The yacht has a wider beam and generous interior spaces designed to accommodate more volume of larger cabins, quarters, or suite for the owners designed for an extended period.

Discover the well-built beauty and the incomparable advantages of expedition vessels and why it is a perfect choice for lengthy adventures and relaxation on the water.

● Generous space

Essentially, explorer yachts are specially designed and built for extended exploration cruising where space and comfort were considered objects of so much importance. Accommodation for the owner, guests, and crew are larger and are more spacious as opposed to typical yachts.

A suite inside an explorer yacht usually includes a private area, an office area, saloon or a sitting area, and even a private owner’s deck separated from the main deck.

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The Nomad Yachts by Gulf Craft

Nomad 65

Nomad Yachts is an innovative yacht collection by Gulf Craft, a private yacht manufacturer and one of the top luxury boat makers in UAE. The Nomad Yachts are engineered to offer premium safety, comfort, performance and ocean-going capacity to sea travelers. Additionally, this collection is designed for seafarers who enjoy long range exploration and have a genuine love and appreciation for spending time on the water.

Nomad Yachts are built with robust and chic design and have an airy loft style apartment feel. Gulf Craft prides itself for having a range of yachts that are beautifully designed with sophisticated technology combined with high standard of safety and innovation. This concept gives sea travelers the experience of a journey worth indulging in. Continue reading