Trends in the Yachting Industry

Like all industries also the yacht industry is following trends. Private yacht manufacturers are monitoring these trends and are adapting their yachts and model range accordingly. The better these trends are anticipated the earlier motoryacht manufacturers are prepared for their impact. The global crisis of 2008 has shifted the demand for luxury goods. Not suggesting that luxury goods are out of demand but the entire luxury market has seen a split, which has left the middle tier luxury, offers on their respective shelves. The loss of the middle size luxury yacht segment is guiding motor yacht companies to adapt accordingly. In the high-end segment layout, health and wellness together with the latest toys and entertainment are essentials no manufacturer can do without.

Majesty 200

Open plan with pulsating interiors is replacing compartmentalized layouts. Yacht designers have to find ways to maximize space and create wide flowing living and resting areas, which are seamlessly in harmony with each other. The wellbeing and wellness aspects are as relevant as the outdoor areas, which need to make owners and guests feel at ease with the sea. A superyacht beach club atmosphere has to be created to make sure that the connection between the yacht and the sea is tangible. Open-air decks are a must have for all new yacht creations.

Entertainment areas with a movie room, pool table high-speed Internet are as much a necessity as hover boards, skibob and all other latest gadgets.  As owners want their yachts to exhibit their wealth, the size of the yacht plays an integral part in this process. Classic features of a mega yacht include extra decks, VIP cabins and yacht tenders.
Yacht manufacturer should not underestimate the charter market. Chartered yachts are the first step for a lot of people to get their first yachting experience. If they do not belong to the selected class of superrich, the likelihood that they will purchase a yacht known to them and experienced first-hand is very high.

Size always matters. Yacht manufacturers, which are currently producing yachts below the 200 m range have to move up to this level in order to attract the ultra-high wealth segment. Yachts between 100 and 200 ft have to be flexible with their interior design of living, wellness and entertainment spaces. The outer club deck experience is a must have in each yacht.  Manufacturers of Dubai yachts for sale and charter are moving more and more in the aforementioned yacht design directions.

Boats and Yachts Builder in Asia

It is difficult to determine where the yacht industry has its origin. It is safe to say that with the development of the industrial world at the turn of the 19th century the demand for recreational yachts and leisure boats increased. It is interesting to see that the five oldest yacht builders or yacht makers are coming from only three countries.

Majesty 155 by Gulf CraftTwo hundred years after Caleb Hodgdon started building boats in Maine, USA, Timothy Hodgdon, the fifth generation of Hodgdon family members, runs the shipyard. This 200-year run makes Hodgdon Yachts the oldest continuously operating yacht builder in the world. Hodgdon has made a name for itself building custom megayachts like the Scheherazade in 2003.

Codecasa, established in 1825, is among many famous yacht builder situated around Viareggio, Italy. Its humble origins were in wooden sailing yachts. It now builds custom aluminum- and steel-hulled power yachts up to 295 feet. Interesting enough, steel only came to be used by Codecasa about 50 years ago. One of Codecasa’s renowned yacht deliveries is Main, unmistakable due to her all-black profile. It’s fitting since she’s owned by fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The tiny island of Kaag, in the Netherland, is where Royal Van Lent got its start in 1849, and where it remains till date. The luxury conglomerate LVMH acquired it in 2008. Royal Van Lent’s largest delivery occurred last year: the 333-foot Symphony.


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Background of Yacht Manufacturing

The history of yacht manufacturer is closely linked to the areas they set out to fish and explore seas and oceans. In every ancient area populated by men, we found traces of a boat culture and manufacturing. Ships and boats were an important part of ancient Egyptian’s life. The earliest boats in Egypt were made during the time of the Old Kingdom, where they were used along the Nile River. Because of the lack of wood, boats were made of bundled papyrus reeds. These boats were 25 meters long, two to three meters wide, and sixty centimeters deep, which allowed seating for 30 rowers with one to two rudder oars.

The most daring explorers in our history seem to be the Vikings. Facilitated by advanced seafaring skills, and characterized by their longships, Viking activities at times extended into the Mediterranean littoral, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They also ventured to North Atlantic islands and as far as the northeastern coast of North America. Continue reading

Yacht manufacturing in the Middle East

It all started with fishing boats. Finding food in rivers, lakes or offshore became a trade over the past two millennia. Parallel to the development of fishing boats, boat builder also developed military vessels, which became an important cornerstone to cross vast parts of the world securing trading routes and conquers territories across continents.

Majesty 135 by Gulf CraftThe Middle East was no exception. The thirst to discover new worlds and secure new business ventures encouraged people to establish new routes, like the Silk Route. The Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that were for centuries central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West, stretching from the Korean peninsula and Japan to the Mediterranean Sea. Crossing the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Persian Gulf.  Boat manufacturer had to build boats, which needed to be larger in size and crew. Boat builder became more experienced in crafting sea and ocean-faring vessels. Vessels manufactured in Middle Eastern countries like Yemen and Oman became known as Dhows. Continue reading

Reasons why you need to buy a yacht straight from the manufacturer

Purchasing a yacht is usually something one does not do too often during a lifespan. So where should be the purchased? The options are ample. One can start looking at yacht broker, official distributors of yacht manufacturer, marinas, boat and yacht shows, on the Internet. The later offers a wide selection of platforms selling boats and yachts. However, the safest place to purchase a yacht would be from yacht manufacturers or yacht builders.

Gulf Craft shipyard in Ajman, UAEWhy is that? Motor yacht manufacturers have the most knowledge in building yachts. However, not all yacht manufacturers are the same. Continue reading

Gulf Craft officially Kicks Off the 4th ALP Program

Gulf Craft’s Executive Management Officer. Abeer Alshaali,  officially opened the 4th Edition of the Abdulaziz bin Humaid Leadership Program with the theme ‘My World’, held at the Fairmont Hotel in Ajman on March 12.


Abeer Alshaali during her presentation at the first day of the Abdulaziz bin Humaid Leadership Program



Gulf Craft Honored at the World of Yachts & Boats Recognition Awards

Gulf Craft’s Chairman, Mohammed bin Hussein Alshaali, was honored with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at The World of Yachts Recognition Awards held at The Westin Hotel in Dubai Mina Seyahi during the Dubai International Boat Show 2017.

Gulf Craft was also awarded ‘Best Local Boat Builder – Large Size Category’,for its excellence in the craftsmanship of large size yachts.

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