Gulf Craft has 3 superyachts nominated for the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2018

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Gulf Craft & Drettmann International Jointly Showcased the Majesty 100 Superyacht at Boot Düsseldorf 2018

After a series of highly successful launches at some of the major leisure marine shows around the globe, Gulf Craft and Drettmann Yachts jointly showcased Gulf Craft’s latest superyacht model – Majesty 100 to a highly discerning clientele featuring high-net worth individuals, yachting and boating enthusiasts, industry specialists and boat prospects.

Known by its German name BOOT Düsseldorf, the 9-day event was held from 20th to 28th January 2018 and attracted over a quarter of a million visitors, as well as thousands of media representatives. With some 1,800 exhibitors from over 65 countries, the recently finished boot Düsseldorf was considered a benchmark for the international boat and water sports industry.

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The Nomad Yachts Series by Gulf Craft

When travelling, how you get to your destination is as much part of the journey as the destination itself. If your goal is to visit the Caribbean Islands, for example, you can do so in style. Instead of just looking forward to arriving at your destination, you can be excited about your means of getting there – aboard one of the yachts made by luxury yacht builders like Gulf Craft. A builder of high-end yachts and leisure boats, the goal of the brand is to redefine on-water living experience. Continue reading

Tips for First Year Yacht Maintenance

Whether you’re a new or a veteran sailor, that gleaming yacht you recently bought would require some maintenance work once it reaches the first-year mark. If you bought a brand-new yacht cruiser from one of the luxury yacht manufacturers, from Gulf Craft for example; you won’t have to spend so much during the first year’s maintenance. This is especially true when you compare buying a brand-new yacht to a pre-owned vessel.

M/Y Lulwa - 7th Majesty 135

Another thing that yacht builders recommend is for boat owners to have a checklist of the things they need to do to ensure that they will use their luxury boat for a long time. If you and your family want to enjoy plenty of sea time aboard, it pays to exert that bit of extra effort. Where yachts are concerned, here are the top tips that you should remember for first-year maintenance: Continue reading

Practical Guides when Planning to Purchase a Pre-Owned Boat

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What if you really like to have your own boat produced by one of the best luxury yacht companies but your resources is not that much to get one? What if you cannot yet afford one of the products made by luxury yacht companies but you’d really like to have your own boat? The solution is to purchase a pre-owned boat. Just like buying a used car, there are pros and cons to purchasing a previously-owned sea vessel. Although it’s still recommended that you purchase a yacht or a luxury boat straight from the showroom, a pre-owned boat is a good option if you don’t have the means to buy a new one just yet. Continue reading

Making the Best Out of Boat Shows

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Boat shows are the perfect way to discover the latest technologies and innovation, find out the different types of boats and yachts all in one place, and find incredible deals. Whether you are planning to purchase or just checking things out, you will surely make the best out of boat shows if you come prepared. To help you make your time worth it, check out the following helpful boat show tips.

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How A Local Yacht Dealer Helps Yacht Buyers

Buying a luxury yacht is much more like buying a high-end real estate property. It’s hard to imagine just how much time and energy it requires you to go through the whole process. But with the right yacht broker or dealer, they can help you reduce the yacht buying stress and makes the transaction go smooth, easy, and painless as possible.

Your yacht broker will help you in every step of the yacht buying process. They are able to provide you with options and objectively tell you if a particular yacht is suitable for what you need and want. Aside from these, there are many other good reasons to use a yacht broker and here are some of them. Continue reading

The Benefits of Living Aboard a Boat

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Living aboard a yacht or a superyacht is one of the most relaxing ways of spending your holiday, vacation or special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Yacht builders have increasingly been investing in developing adventure yachts perfect for those who are considering to live aboard a boat.

Being on the sea brings a feeling of peace, tranquility, and freedom, even just for a while. So, it’s not surprising that many people dream of living on a boat. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on the open seas and drink a cup of coffee on the deck above while enjoying the surrounding beautiful scenery?

There are many other good reasons why millions of people dream of living on a superyacht. Here are just some of them: Continue reading

Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht, Majesty 155 (M/Y My Escape) anchored off Cannes