What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?

Luxury expedition or explorer yachts are long range yachts built to cross the vast and beautiful waterways of the world offering sophisticated and comfortable accommodation. In the recent years, a new breed of luxury exploration boat has emerged — a yacht built for safety, endurance, and high-quality performance.

Luxury explorer yachts are ideal for an offshore adventure. The yacht has a wider beam and generous interior spaces designed to accommodate more volume of larger cabins, quarters, or suite for the owners designed for an extended period.

Discover the well-built beauty and the incomparable advantages of expedition vessels and why it is a perfect choice for lengthy adventures and relaxation on the water.

● Generous space

Essentially, explorer yachts are specially designed and built for extended exploration cruising where space and comfort were considered objects of so much importance. Accommodation for the owner, guests, and crew are larger and are more spacious as opposed to typical yachts.

A suite inside an explorer yacht usually includes a private area, an office area, saloon or a sitting area, and even a private owner’s deck separated from the main deck.

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