Boats and Yachts Builder in Asia

It is difficult to determine where the yacht industry has its origin. It is safe to say that with the development of the industrial world at the turn of the 19th century the demand for recreational yachts and leisure boats increased. It is interesting to see that the five oldest yacht builders or yacht makers are coming from only three countries.

Majesty 155 by Gulf CraftTwo hundred years after Caleb Hodgdon started building boats in Maine, USA, Timothy Hodgdon, the fifth generation of Hodgdon family members, runs the shipyard. This 200-year run makes Hodgdon Yachts the oldest continuously operating yacht builder in the world. Hodgdon has made a name for itself building custom megayachts like the Scheherazade in 2003.

Codecasa, established in 1825, is among many famous yacht builder situated around Viareggio, Italy. Its humble origins were in wooden sailing yachts. It now builds custom aluminum- and steel-hulled power yachts up to 295 feet. Interesting enough, steel only came to be used by Codecasa about 50 years ago. One of Codecasa’s renowned yacht deliveries is Main, unmistakable due to her all-black profile. It’s fitting since she’s owned by fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The tiny island of Kaag, in the Netherland, is where Royal Van Lent got its start in 1849, and where it remains till date. The luxury conglomerate LVMH acquired it in 2008. Royal Van Lent’s largest delivery occurred last year: the 333-foot Symphony.


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