Reasons why you need to buy a yacht straight from the manufacturer

Purchasing a yacht is usually something one does not do too often during a lifespan. So where should be the purchased? The options are ample. One can start looking at yacht broker, official distributors of yacht manufacturer, marinas, boat and yacht shows, on the Internet. The later offers a wide selection of platforms selling boats and yachts. However, the safest place to purchase a yacht would be from yacht manufacturers or yacht builders.

Gulf Craft shipyard in Ajman, UAEWhy is that? Motor yacht manufacturers have the most knowledge in building yachts. However, not all yacht manufacturers are the same.

The Internet was mentioned above. When researching for specific terms like yacht companies in Dubai, it is imperative that the about and the history section should be read carefully. If the manufacturer is in business for a while and has produced know and reliable yachts in the past, this would be a confident builder one should be looking for. The versatility of their yacht range is another indicator, which should be considered. A manufacturer who is offering a wide spectrum of yachts is easily in a position to have the yacht one is looking for. The wide selection of yachts is also an indication of the flexibility of their customization options. The more you would like to invest in a yacht and the larger in length the yacht should be the more options would be available. To find these manufacturers is not too difficult.

A good, experienced shipyard will take the client through the entire build process. This process starts with the selection of the right yacht size. It will then move to determining the number of cabins you require on-board the yacht.With this selection two diverse processes will start; the first is the selection process of the technical parts of the yacht. This will cover the entire equipment management like navigation, instrumentation and the engine to name a few. The second process would be the emotional part, which would be the decision of the decor direction, classic, modern, contemporary, etc. With this decision the selection furniture in the living areas, the kitchen design and equipment, the deck furniture, cabin decorations, their main features and much more will start.

Only manufacturer with proven pedigree, experienced sales and interior decorator will understand every single client’s individual requirements. These manufacturers are best equipped to make sure that the yacht is manufactured to the smallest detail as envisioned and decided by the client.


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