Exploring The New Highly Impressive Superyacht Majesty 90

Are you a big fan of luxurious yachts?

When it comes to expensive yachts, there is quite a number of them on the market. Each year, new models with greater performance, increased capacities and improved features are being launched by top boat builders. But right after you’ve seen some yachts in the marina, you probably have gained good idea of what makes an impressive superyacht.

One of the newly launched models today is the impressive Majesty 90. Let’s find out why this craft is worth exploring.

Build and design
Superyacht Majesty 90 is built and designed by one of the world’s top yacht builders today. This gorgeous looking vessel is a 2016 model of Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yacht Collection. Majesty 90 is a fast motor yacht. The hull and the superstructure materials are basically made from fiberglass and teak for the basic deck materials. As such, you can be sure that it is a tough vessel from bow to stern.

Images of Majesty 90Dimension and construction
As one of the new models, Majesty 90 is equipped with state-of-the art navigational systems and a robust fuel capacity of      3,000 gallons. It has a planing hull design which enables a smoother ride in rough waters. This 2016 model yacht has an overall length of 91 feet consisting of a fly-bridge and 2 decks.

Accommodation features
The lower deck features 4 elegantly styled staterooms including 1 master room, 1 VIP room with full-sized berths and 2 spacious twin rooms, each room is fitted with lavish amenities. The main deck houses an exquisite formal dining area and a cozy lounging area. Traveling afloat Majesty 90 will be a royal experience for every guest with a discriminating taste. It will take you to ports and islands in high style with its sophisticated features.  Majesty 90 is truly one of the top luxury yachts waiting to be explored.

Gulf Craft is one of the world’s top yacht builder. They have been building superyachts for over 15 years. Majesty Yachts is Gulf Craft’s brand for luxury fly-bridge motor yachts. If you want to explore more of Majesty 90’s features, please book a visit to Gulf Craft. For more information about this craft, please visit http://www.majesty-yachts.com/yachts/majesty-90/.


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