The Modernized Silvercraft 31 HT – The Best Family Fishing Boat For You

Are you interested in family fishing? If so, what is the best family fishing boat for you? This and other important questions should come to mind when looking for a boat that’s right for your favorite family activity.

There a number of choices, but you don’t have to go anywhere else. If you’re in search of big boats for sale, you have come to the right place. Gulf Craft, one of the world’s top makers of the best boat brands today offers a range of superior quality family boats, there is surely one that suits your requirements and taste.

The all new Silvercraft 31 HT
The all new Silvercraft 31 HT is one of Gulf Craft’s premier fishing boats and family cruisers series. This beautiful vessel is the latest addition to their Silvercraft family of hard top models which offers a wealth of features that are best suited for family fishing and cruising.

Some of the features of this modernized model include a comfortable cockpit protected by a hard top, a toilet compartment that consists of a manual toilet, hand shower and ventilation louver. It has bow and stern eyes, beverage holders and deck cleats made of stainless steel. The Silvercraft 31 HT has a dual mechanical steering system with a 6-way switch panel provided on the console and a 12V electrical system from the battery.

Family fishing and cruising can go from sunrise to sunset with Silvercraft 31 HT’s running lights at port, starboard and stern area. What’s more, this powerful boat’s hull is made from fiberglass, which means, it is lightweight yet extremely durable making it one of the finest family fishing boats for sale on the market today. All these features are designed to provide families a comfortable yet practical cruising or fishing experience.

A Gulf Craft brand
The new Silvercraft 31 HT is a 2016 model for Gulf Craft’s Silvercraft brand, a twin engine type with either gas or petrol fuel.  It is 31 feet in length and seats 8 people. This novel model is built to order with options in electronic navigation systems and interior equipment. If you are looking forward to buy a high performing cruiser boat for your family, Gulf Craft is the trusted brand. To help you decide, book a visit to Gulf Craft’s Shipyard. To learn more about the new Silvercraft 31 HT, please visit

Gulf Craft is the leading manufacturer of world class fishing boats and big boats for sale in the UAE and Europe. They have been manufacturing different types of award winning yachts and boats for almost 35 years.


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