Sport Yachts Perks – Things To Do Aboard a Fly-Bridge Yacht

Travelling by private sport yacht is unquestionably one of the best ways to explore the islands. No other activity offers such close contact with the sea with so much flexibility. You can plan your activities as you wish – go from island to island, make a quick stop along the way for fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling or mooring up in a harbor for a nice meal ashore.

If you’re the type of sea traveler who doesn’t want to run out of things to do while on board, a sport cruiser yacht is certainly the best choice. It allows you to do all you wish in and out of the sea. This type of yacht is especially built for recreational purposes.

Image of Oryx 43 flyFly-Bridge Yacht
A fly-bridge yacht is a type of leisure boat that has another set of navigational equipment purposely set on top of the main navigation room to allow the navigator to see all sides of the ocean while navigating the boat. This area primarily gives a space for the navigator to run the yacht while providing guests an open air “feel” on the main deck while on board. While the fly-bridge serves as an alternate control station, the seating space in that area can also serve as a great place for alfresco dining and relaxing.

The Oryx 43 Fly
Gulf Craft’s Oryx 43 Fly is one of the best designed fly-bridge on the market today. Oryx Yacht is one of Gulf Craft’s brand for sport yachts and cruisers. Oryx 43 Fly is the fly-bridge model in Oryx Yacht series.

The Oryx 43 Fly deck plan includes a fly-bridge, main deck and lower deck. The main deck provides a spacious living area, and the lower deck which houses the master stateroom provides a haven to rejuvenate after boating, snorkeling and a day in the sun. In addition to the spacious master stateroom, guests will feel at home with the cozy guestroom. Cruising is never boring with Oryx 43 Fly’s world- class features.

Gulf Craft
Gulf Craft is a distinguished builder of innovative sport yachts and cruisers. They have been in the yacht building business for almost 35 years. Their product range is known for quality and superior design.

If you’re looking at purchasing a sport cruiser boat that has a comfortable space for holiday activities, Oryx 43 Fly is a good choice. If you need more help with picking the right choice, please book a visit to Gulf Craft. To learn more about Oryx 43 Fly, please visit



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