Five Star Experience Into The Midst of The Ocean

Planning to take the cruising life? A good vessel is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to exploring the seas for an extended period of time. After all, choosing a boat is a very personal endeavor. Nomad yachts are ideal for this market.

Nomad yachts allow seafarers, with an insatiable appetite for long-range cruising, to explore the region’s picturesque islands. For instance, the Nomad 55 allows its passengers to enjoy an uninterrupted cruising experience.

Luxury Yacht for Sale

From the respected boat manufacturer Gulf Craft, Nomad 55 can travel long distances without having to make frequent fuel stops. It is all about the journey rather than the destination for this 17.60-meter beauty.

It offers unprecedented cabin accommodation in its lower deck, panoramic views from the main deck, and numerous seating capacity on the fly bridge. It can reach speeds of up to 25 knots using twin 690 hp engines.

Nomad 55 Fiberglass Yachts Features

The Nomad 55 is designed to suit the discerning owner with a desire for extended sea travel. The long-range yacht takes the five-star experience into the midst of the ocean, with its world-class features inside and out.

  • Four spacious guest cabins, three bathrooms, and a crew cabin for two crew.
  • Beautifully adorned main saloon and a fully-equipped large galley.
  • Main saloon is equipped with advanced entertainment system.
  • Guests can enjoy breathtaking views from the yacht’s two electric balconies.
  • Notably spacious fly-bridge with a dining area.
  • Fly bridge is equipped with a barbecue and drinks bar with fridges.
  • The upper deck has a swimming platform for easy access to the waters.
  • Marble counter tops and cozy soft furnishings in the main saloon area.
  • Hybrid hull designed by British yacht designer Andrew Wolstenholme.

featuring-nomad-55There is a wide range of yachts aimed for those who want to enjoy their cruising experience, and one of the most popular is the Nomad Series. They offer the comfort of mini-superyachts even when traveling at long distances.

Nomad 55 is a manifestation of luxury living at its finest. It is a result Gulf Craft’s efforts in tracking the changes in the boating industry. It has been designed based on the identifying key factors for an increasing number of customers.

Running at comfortable cruising speeds, Nomad Yachts represent reliability, seaworthiness, stability and ruggedness. They are also designed to meet a low operational cost for a comfortable long-distance travel. With a Nomad yacht, you get multifunction, large decks, advanced entertainment features, and a party-ready venue. What more can you ask for? Nomad 55 can definitely provide a superb yachting experience. Choose only the leading yacht builder, visit



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