Reasons to Try Scuba Diving and Snorkling

You’re looking at some cruiser boats for sale as you’ve been planning to go out into the deep and try some exciting underwater adventures. Which would it be – scuba diving or snorkeling, or both?

Before going into the reasons why you should try scuba diving and snorkeling, let us first distinguish one from the other. Snorkeling and scuba diving may seem to mean the same thing to many yet these are two distinct terms. Yes, they’re both underwater journeys but there are slight differences in terms of the following:

Gears – “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” (SCUBA) – that’s exactly the basic equipment to use as you dive deep down. Likewise, you need an oxygen tank for breathing and of course, mask, tight-fitting suit, gloves and fins.

With snorkeling, it’s simply a snorkel, tube and mask. The tube lets you breathe through the mouth when you float just under the water surface. Then, there are those who like to wear a pair of fins although this is optional. Any clothing of lightweight fabric can be used for outfit.

Preparation – Before you go into scuba diving, you need to undergo training on the proper use of the breathing apparatus, besides learning about safety procedures including troubleshooting. Shops that sell and rent out scuba diving devices will ask for proof of diver certification should you wish to buy your own or rent a set. It’s not as strict as with snorkeling though, since the latter requires no rigid training.

Depth – Scuba divers may go far down into the seabed depending on the purpose of their exploration. While in snorkeling, snorkelers could only go as deep as from 3 to12 feet below as they have to hold their breaths repeatedly, which is pretty hard without learning proper breathing exercise.

Why Dive and Snorkel?

For the thrill – Anyone would be thrilled to see what’s beyond the waters – various species of marine life (fish, algae, coral reefs), a shipwreck maybe, looming in the darkness with barnacles and anemones clinging to the hulk, and so on.

For the appeal of underwater serenity and majesty – What you’ll witness down below can’t be described in words. You just feel ecstatic to experience what it’s like to be in a different world where only peace and quiet reign. Its utter silence is deafening, oftentimes scary because you have no idea what you’re going to discover.

Someday, if you decide to make scuba diving or snorkeling an income-earning profession, it’s best to scout for top-performing cruisers for sale today from Gulf Craft.

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