Exploring the Incredible Islands of the Bahamas

Have you ever heard of the Bahamas Islands? Do you know where it is located? This Caribbean country is actually a coral-based archipelago along the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises of more than 700 breath-taking islands, islets and cays, some of which are loaded with resorts while others are uninhabited. The Bahamas have the most famous and glamorous beaches in the world. On its waters are often seen luxury yachts in Dubai, its owners and guests relishing the picturesque views or partying aboard.

The Bahamas Wonders

Powdery soft sands, the clearest and the calmest turquoise waters, and perhaps all the wonders of nature are gathered here ‘under one roof. Hence, the beaches are considered as among the best in the whole wide world. It’s not surprising to bump into some famous celebrities when you’re out strolling along the shores. You wouldn’t even have an idea who among them own some luxury yachts Dubai and are here now to explore the natural wonders of the Bahamas.

Visitors from around the globe flock to this region, eager to sink their toes into mile-stretches of eye-blinding white sands (in certain places are pink) or just spend leisure time basking over the cays. These are naturally-occurring sandy islands at the surface of a coral reef. No other word can come close to the description of Bahamas except for the word ‘paradise’.

Bahamian Points of Interest

If you’re up in the sky looking over the land, you’ll likely compare the Bahamas to dabs of green and silver scattered lying above the waters and are just merely waiting to be explored.

Grand Bahama as well as Paradise Island in the northernmost portion are notably the best-known destinations. The latter is home to the extensive Atlantis Resort where the partying lasts till the early hours of the morning.

Water adventures like snorkelling and scuba diving are best done in the Thunderball Grotto (where the underwater scenes of James Bond film was shot), the scary blue holes at the Andros Barrier Reef and including the black-coral gardens off Bimini.

Further, if you love the waters, dare to cruise around the Abaco Islands up in the north, a sailing and boating paradise. Composed of a chain of islands and cays stretching 120 miles, the Abacos take pride in its coastlines scalloped with coves, bays and secured harbors that include resorts as well as full-service marinas.

Resource: http://www.sooperarticles.com/travel-articles/exploring-incredible-islands-bahamas-1485109.html

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