Luxury Boats For Sale – Q & A

q and aQ:
What is thedifference between a yacht and a Luxury boat ?
Would like to get some information world luxury boat industry.

The original dictionary definition is a boat with a sail on it. This has changed over the years, usually with a luxury feeling now..




q and a


How many yachts or luxury boats are sold each year in the US?
Looking for general stats or trends on yacht sales.
Update: How many yachts are sold each year (new and used) in the US?

2003 stats
Lengthin feet Number of Vessels
40 to < 45 38,102
45 to < 50 17,363
50 to < 55 9,191
55 to < 60 4,584
60 to < 65 3,147
65 to < 70 1,817
70 to < 75 1,486
40 to < 75 75,690


Majesty Yachts
Luxury Fly-Bridge Motor Yachts
Fishing Boats & Family Cruisers
Oryx Yachts
Sport Yachts & Cruisers


Sport Fishing Boats
Commercial Boats For Sale
Fishing Boat For Sale


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