Small Fishing Boats For Sale

q and aQ:
Differences between fishing boats?
whats a different between a new fishing boat and an old one? they both run

With a new one, you pay much-much more up front… if you finance it, then that just makes matters worse. And you have less money to go fishing.
With a used one, you pay a lot less money up front… if you don’t have to finance it, that just makes things better… And you have a lot more money to go fishing…


q and a Q:
Why do fishing boats sparkle?
Most fishing boats seem to be painted with sparkly paint. Do fishermen think this will attract fish? Will it? Or do fishermen really like sparkles?


The sparklies are to catch boat owners, not fish – the same with fishing gear….

I spent a few years as a professional fisherman – nothing I owned was sparkly unless it was wet (generally me). If sparkly catches fish I guess we professionals didn’t notice.

Shiny lures are effective, as in polished chrome, but so is a piece of white plastic. Colour is funny with fish, why a fish strikes at a banana yellow lure today, but only a fluro pink one tomorrow I cannot tell – neither colour is remotely like the natural prey most of the time.

Making a boat pretty makes no difference to the fish, but if it makes the owner of the boat feel good then why not?


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