Essential Spare Parts to Keep Onboard your Yacht

Not sure what yacht spare parts you need?

spare partsYou never know when something may break aboard your boat, but if you are well prepared then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Every cruising yacht should store sufficient spare parts on board to allow basic repairs at sea. The selection of spare parts you need may depend on the type of boat you own and the distance you’re about to cruise. True boating enthusiasts plan, execute, and return safely.

Being ready means having all the likely spares aboard that you might need, having the tools to swap them out, and the knowledge of how to do it.

If you choose to day-sail close to your home port, you won’t need too many spares. For long distance cruising, sufficient spares are needed in order to keep all systems operable. For items not repairable, it is recommended to bring a full replacement unit.

Spare parts also vary according to the captain’s experience. For a novice, the engine may be the most vital piece of equipment. On the other hand, for someone very confident of his skills, he won’t be concerned with power.

Essential Spare Parts

For the safety of his passengers and boat, every captain should know the spare parts that will affect its ability to complete a voyage. Which items are useful? Which ones can be dispensed?

Engine Spares:

  • Spark plugs and coil for gasoline engine
  • Injectors for diesel engine
  • Fuel and oil filters
  • Fuel antibacterial additives
  • Repair kits for fuel and water pumps
  • Spare ignition key
  • Set of hoses

Electrical Spares:

  • Fuses – all types used on board
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Bulbs including navigation lights
  • Assorted sizes of wire
  • Terminal fittings
  • Connecting blocks
  • Insulating and self-amalgamating tape
  • Batteries and hydrometer

You also need some assorted spares including marine sealant, underwater epoxy, petroleum jelly, paint and varnish, epoxy glue and fillers, fiberglass tape and cloth, etc.

Contents of Basic Tool Kit

The selection of tools you should carry should include the instruction manual, if available. Examine every piece of equipment and check if it’s the right size. Make sure that you have the right screwdriver, wrench, or socket for the job.

It’s also important to check with the manufacturer’s recommendation when it comes to the engine toolkit. Keep your tools organized in a purpose-designed toolbox. Make sure that those you frequently need are quicker to find.

Basic tool kit:

  • Screwdrivers – all head types and sizes
  • Power drill
  • Assorted wrenches
  • Hand drill and bits
  • Socket set
  • Pliers and electrical pliers
  • Mole wrench
  • Hammer and mallet
  • Flashlight

Maintenance Planning

It’s highly recommended to check for developing problems before and after every ride. If you don’t, little repairs can add up to big expenses over time. Simple maintenance involves having your engine and drives serviced according to your manufacturer.

Keep in mind that nicks can be repaired at lower prices if caught early, but a delaminated area can chip away a big portion out of your boating budget. Record all items that need repairs or regular maintenance. This makes it easy to identify most important work.

Make an occasional tour around your boat and check all possible sources of problems and list down repairs as you go. Run all electrical and mechanical systems to ensure that they have not been affected by moisture.

Every yacht builder will tell you how boating maintenance is important. Investing in upgrades and maintenance not only keeps your ride looking great and running better, but also increases your yacht’s resale value. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all aspects of yacht care. Read your yacht’s manual or enrol in some boating instruction classes to learn more boating terms and definitions. Consult the help of a professional when needed. If you’re looking for a boat for sale , include spare parts in your shopping list. Visit

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