Luxurious and Comfortable Cruising on a Nomad 65

Nomad 65Want a sense of adventure with a touch of luxury and comfort?

A yacht charter vacation is a perfect fit for travelers like you. It’s great for families with children of all ages, extended families, groups of friends and romantic honeymoon or getaways. You can enjoy each other’s company, while still having privacy.

Chartering a yacht is considered to be the epitome of a personal, stylish vacation. It’s unique, exciting, dynamic, and no experience is required. Just pick the vessel that can provide the most memorable experience at sea.

Planning your Trip

After choosing a destination within your cruising range, secure a guide for your area and reference it with your fuel usage. It will also be helpful to note the average estimated travel speeds. Confirm that food, fuel and dockage are available.

There are times when transient slip reservations are required. Cruisers have the option to spend nights at anchor. Most charters offer a crew for the journey, but it would also to help to learn some navigation skills. You can take some refresher skills.

Check if your charter has a first-aid and safety equipment. Run through all the provisions such as fresh water, food, as well as spare parts. Crewed charters can run higher, but vacation brokers are highly skilled at meeting your price point.

Your choice of sailboat is largely a matter of personal preference, as well as availability for the dates. Do you want family cruisers, sport fishing boats, or heavier-displacement cruising designs? Don’t hesitate to ask the charter company.

Once you’ve decided to book, you’ll be required to send a deposit, then sign a contract. Contracts are designed for the protection of both the client and the company, and they also help prevent misunderstandings.

Luxury Yachts in Dubai

The type of yacht you need will depend on your planned activities. Whether it’s for a holiday trip with friends, a special occasion, or a corporate event, we will help you explore the reasons why the recently launched Nomad Yachts brand is the perfect choice.

Nomad Yachts from Gulf Craft allow boat enthusiasts with an insatiable appetite for long-range cruising to explore the region’s picturesque islands. These vessels are designed to meet a low operational cost for a comfortable long-distance travel.

The fleet of Nomad Yachts also offer generous accommodation space and comfort. Stepping into one of their vessels gives an immediate impression of spaciousness. Depending on the boat size and engine options, they can deliver speeds of up to 22 knots.

Luxury Yachts Nomad 65

Nomad 65 is the company’s first yacht with a hybrid semi-displacement hull design. It boasts an airy loft style apartment feel with white oak parquet flooring, marble counter tops, and cozy soft furnishings in the main saloon area.

Robust and chic in design, the Nomad 65 lets you enjoy the world’s most beautiful panoramic coastlines during a luxurious and comfortable cruising. It is equipped with VIP staterooms and advanced entertainment systems.

Nomad Yachts also build their range to be great event venues at sea. Its expansive fly-bridge can be an instant party place when the sun goes down. With its practical operation, potential customers won’t be able to resist chartering.

With a yacht from the Nomad Yachts fleet, you can get low operational cost, , large decks, advanced entertainment features, and a party-ready venue. What more can you ask for? It’s not just about the destination, but a superb yachting experience.

Superyacht Manufacturers

Deemed one of the leading boat and yacht builders, Gulf Craft is renowned for a number of successful vessels when it comes to the luxury yacht charter market. Choose a company that can keep up to the standards of your dream boat.

Gulf Craft yachts are found in every major harbor of the world. These vessels give a whole new definition to luxury. Not only do they offer some of the most popular existing yachts, they are also dedicated to quality production of semi-customized designs.


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