Get Ready for Some Long-Range Cruising With Nomad Yachts

Planning to take the cruising life? We’re talking about a long-range cruising and exploration, not just a day at sea. For experienced cruisers, they say that the biggest challenge is fear of the unknown. It’s hard to imagine what will happen to you, but it can be a great adventure – if you have the right vessel.

A good vessel is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to exploring the seas for an extended period of time. After all, choosing a boat is a very personal endeavor. Gulf Craft, yacht and boat manufacturers have been helping customers cruise the South East Asia seas for more than two decades, and the Nomad Yachts is ideal for this market.

Choosing Your Boat

nomad 65You may already own a boat or a luxury yacht, but before you head too far away from shore, make sure it is capable of the journey. There are some basic factors to consider when you intend to live on board for extended periods, and cruise into remote, and sometimes forbidding conditions.

You’ll need to research boat types which suit your budget and cruising plans. Ask questions and learn everything you can and keep an open mind. If your plans are for coastal cruising, you’ll be able to consider a wider range of boats than those suited for long distance ocean passages.

First of all, vessel size is very important. Most yachts used for extended cruising period are over 55 ft. It somehow ensures that the vessel is capable of carrying sufficient fuel for the intended cruising range. Apart from that, it should be able to carry enough water and food for the planned cruising time.

One or up to 3 months of food supply is highly recommended. If your freezer capacity is not large enough, much of the stores will be dry or canned goods. Water is actually less of a problem, because you can install a water maker. You may also pick up from water holes, springs and creeks found along the coast.

It’s easy to find friends and family members excited about the journey. As you get further away, you’ll soon realize that you’re doing everything singlehandedly. People cruising on larger boats may have to depend on finding experienced crew.

The vessel you choose must be capable of safely handling the sea states you will encounter along the way. Stronger winds may occur, and anything less than a 55 ft. power boat in these conditions may mean trouble.

Luxury Yachts in Dubai

Nomad is beautifully designed for long range exploration and comfortable cruising. Whether you want to charter for a holiday trip with friends, or buy your own, Nomad can provide you with the most memorable experience at sea. And, not to mention the best facilities.

It’s would be best to know some basic navigation skills suitable for the areas you intend to cruise. Try to learn how to operate the electronic navigation equipment on board, including the GPS, depth sounder, radar, VHF and HF radios. Having the knowledge and ability to make minor vessel repairs yourself would also be of help.

It’s not just about the destination, but a superb yachting experience – and the Nomad Yachts series can provide your customers just that.

Nomad yachts from Gulf Craft allow boat enthusiasts with an insatiable appetite for long-range cruising to explore the region’s picturesque islands. For instance, the Nomad 65 has been engineered to combine luxury and performance. It’s the company’s first yacht with a hybrid semi-displacement hull design. Gulf Craft featured one of their Nomad 65 this year, which boasted an airy loft style apartment feel with white oak parquet flooring, marble counter tops, and cozy soft furnishings in the main saloon area. It’s definitely your home away from home.


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