How to Prepare a Safe Boat Ride for Your Pet

pet on boardPlanning to take your pet for a cruise onboard fiberglass yachts?

Many cruisers are now choosing to take their dogs and cats with them. Relaxing as it may sound, it can be a dangerous activity when safety precautions for pets are not prepared. So, it’s important to review boating safety rules before departure.

Some animals will never be comfortable on a boat because of their innate fear of the water. Introduce your pet to boating by spending some time together on the vessel when it’s tied up to the dock. This is to reduce any distress.

Safety Tips for Pets

Collar ID Tag. Before heading out for the trip, make sure your pet has a collar with an identification tag. Include a phone contact when you’re afloat and a land based number. Also put in your boat’s permanent marina location and slip number.

Life jacket. Panic due to sudden dunking or exhaustion can cause drowning. Choose a floatation device with a lifting handle to easily retrieve your pet. Make your dog or cat wear the jacket at home so they can get used to it.

Sunscreen. Just like in humans, exposed areas of your pet’s body can get sunburned too. This includes the nose, interior of ears, and belly. Ask your vet about the safest sunscreen brand you can use as dogs and cats tend to lick it off.

Proper hydration. Excessive sun exposure is dangerous to pets. Watch out for heavy panting, drooling, and rapid heartbeat. Bring along plenty of fresh water to hydrate your pets properly. Keep the deck cool by providing some shade.

First aid kit. Pets might need first aid too. If your cat or dog is on any medication, make sure to bring a good supply. Stock on antibiotic ointment for minor scrapes, self-cling bandage, foil emergency blanket, gauze pads, ice packs, etc.

Medical records. Some destinations may ask for proof of immunization before letting pets explore ashore. Bring along a copy of vaccination and health records. Keep the paperwork in a waterproof container or bag.


Custom Boat Builder

Gulf Craft, the leading boat builders in UAE, let you enjoy water sports in their comfortable and spacious vessels. The whole family including your pets can go fishing and spend the entire day at sea in a fast, safe and exciting manner.

They build to leading international standards. When it comes to yacht building materials, most are built with fiberglass. It’s because fiberglass hulls offer a balance of cost, strength, maintenance and appearance.

Nothing beats cruising on a vessel built by Gulf Craft. They offer family of centre console of fishing boats and multifunctional cruisers that combine advanced hull designs and superior performance.

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