Owning a Yacht in UAE

From the early days of fishing and pearl diving, the UAE’s lifestyle has flourished around its pristine waters. In fact, Dubai has become the ultimate destination for both local and foreign investors. With a rising standard of living, and favorable year-round weather conditions, yachting has become a potential option for cruising enthusiasts.

Luxury Yachts in UAE

The question is, who can buy a yacht and how much do boats cost in the UAE? They say that the cost of owning one extends beyond its price tag, and it’s true. Yes, these items of luxury are seen as status symbols. Apparently, not all owners of luxury yachts are that wealthy.

However, in most parts of the UAE, it’s quite common to see small yacht owners from the middle class portion of the population. Young professionals who earn monthly incomes between AED25,000 and AE55,000 can own a yacht, especially in Abu Dhabi, where there are no restrictions on 24-hour boat occupancy.

Requirements and Fees

Majesty 125

The starting cost of buying a boat in the UAE is probably not as much as you think. For instance, a used catamaran can be bought for AED20,000 and yachts for upwards of AED150,000. Brand new superyachts and marine crafts may still be expensive though, with models becoming more and more sophisticated.

  1. Berthing fees. This is often overlooked by boat owners. Annual maintenance fees for yachts can range from 2% to 3% of the boat’s cost, regardless of make and model. Berthing fees in any of the emirates may vary according to size of the boat. In Dubai, the cost may range from AED20,000 to AED75,000 per foot, per year.
  2. Licensing. Before you shop for sports cruiser yachts, you will need to obtain a certified license from the Dubai Maritime City Authority. This has been made mandatory for all boat owners. Meanwhile, you also need to be authorized before you can drive your boat. Just like your car driver’s license, you need to gain a certificate from a certified training institute.
  3. Insurance. Fortunately, plenty of insurance companies cover boats and yachts. Insurance policies may cover the cost of loss or damage to your boat including engine, belongings on board, as well as your third party liabilities. Even if you choose not to insure your own vessel, you will still need to get third party cover.

Boat Builders Dubai

If you’re looking forward to buying your own boat, trust only the leading boat builder in the UAE, Gulf Craft. The company has been manufacturing luxury vessels for more than 30 years. For them, luxury is a way of life, and they are as passionate about being in the water.

They boast only the highest quality yachts in their fleet:

Majesty Yachts are known in the market for combining elegance and high-technology into their masterpieces. If you want a royal cruising experience, Majesty Yachts offers a superb sea-handling capability and luxurious interiors.

The Oryx line has been famous for their sport yachts and cruisers. Their creations combine power, performance and exceptional styling. If you’re the type who loves spending time at sea, any of the robust Oryx models will give you the most amazing time.

Nomad Yachts can tempt every owner to relocate their main residence at sea. The yacht offers luxury living at its finest, perfect for the adventurous seafarer. It makes extended vacations and long-range explorations possible, while providing comfort away from home.

Silvercraft brand is well-known for their fishing boats and family cruisers. They combine advanced hull designs and superior performance. Any of the Silvercraft models can let you take the largest swells with ease.

There are so many yachts to choose from to fit your personality and style. To help you decide, book a visit to Gulf Craft’s numerous boat shows. They are the go-to expert of yacht and boat enthusiasts.

Gulf Craft yachts and boats are found in every major harbor of the world. These vessels give a whole new definition to luxury. Not only do they offer some of the most popular existing yachts, they are also dedicated to quality production of semi-customized designs.

Resource: http://goo.gl/bnBgIq


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