Different Types of Yachts According to Sizes

Fancy cars and private jets have always been a must-have, status symbols for the super-rich. Now, you can add luxury yachts to that list. There is no real limit for the size of a luxury motor yacht, save the budget. Considering the endless options, finding the right UAE boat builder is a must.

The type of yacht you would purchase, or choose for your luxury charter vacation, will shape the experience that you will have. This is why it is important to know what each yacht on charter can offer you. Many factors contribute to the selection of a yacht, including its size. Size will determine the number of guests you can bring onboard.

Luxury Yachts in Dubai

The term yacht refers to a luxury pleasure boat. These vessels come in various types, the main ones being motor, sailing, catamaran, and gulet which can then be categorized into their own subgroups. Here is an at-a-glance guide to the different types of yacht.

Day sailing yachts. These are multipurpose boats. Since they are sailing, they depend mainly on wind to move, but they are also sometimes powered by small motor engines that can last for a few hours. their sizes vary from 9m up to 100m These vessels may possess retractable keel, centerboard, or dagger-board.

Weekender boats. These types can go up to 70 ft. in length, and are designed For a either a day out with the friends or with the family. Weekender yachts are also equipped with a a number of cabins that can accommodate around three people. There’s also storage for food and water. These vessels are best suited for short journeys not exceeding 2-3 days.

Gulf Craft’s Oryx

Oryx and Silvercraft are among the most popular sport yachts and cruisers. If you’re a fan of day sailing, Oryx 27 from the Oryx brand will surely make the time you spend at sea more enjoyable. The trendy 8.40 m boat is built with the same attention for engineering as the larger Oryx models.

The Oryx 27 has a power option of up to 350 hp, reaching a top speed of 42 knots. One advantage is it can be used for an overnight excursions, since it provides sleeping accommodations for two. The Oryx series can offer power, performance and exceptional styling.

Gulf Craft’s Silvercraft

Silvercraft’s fishing boats and family cruisers are well-known for what they stand for. If you want to take the largest swells with ease, and maintain comfort, choose from a wide range of Silvecraft models. Engineered by the best boat builders, the Silvercraft mdels have a striking design and robust performance.

The Silvercraft 36 HT, for example, combines advanced hull designs and superior performance. The boat’s overall length is 9.40 meters, and it has a passenger capacity of up to 10 people. It can hold up to 250 US gal of fuel, while its engine can run up to a maximum of 600 hp.

More Luxury Yacht Dubai

Purchasing a yacht can be complex, but it’ll be all worth it once you’re sailing the blue waters and enjoying the sea breeze. Detail the appropriate design and equipment features of your ideal yacht and consult your plan with the best ship builder you can find.

Gulf Craft yachts and boats are found in almost every major harbor of the world. These vessels give a whole new definition to luxury. Not only do they offer some of the most popular existing yachts, they are also dedicated to quality production of semi-customized designs.

Resource: http://goo.gl/xyDevc


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