Yacht and Boat – How One Differs From The Other

Ship, boat, yacht – they may all mean the same thing for ordinary people, yet these crafts have basic distinct differences. For those who own a fleet of sea-going vessels, they surely would know how one differs from others. Certainly, an owner of one or several superyachts just wouldn’t be happy or else be offended if you call his prized possession a ‘boat’.

So, why do we have to differentiate these water vessels if what they all do in common is to ply the waters? Well, experts say that you should possess basic knowledge on how to distinguish a yacht from a boat for the following reasons:

  • If you plan to engage in buying and selling of sea crafts
  • For compliance of ownership papers
  • For insurance coverage

When making comparison, the descriptions of a boat would seemingly overlap with that of a yacht, so eventually, it gets kind of confusing. However, for purposes of clarification, here are three distinct factors to remind you of the differences between boats and luxury yachts:

  1. Length/Size
  2. Purpose/Use
  3. Cost


As with medicines, sea vessels also have a generic name which is generally, ‘boat’. In particular, boats are reasonably smaller and could be motorized or not. Most boats measure no more than 180 m from the tip of the bow to the endpoint of the stern.

On the other hand, yachts are typically longer than 45 feet and in fact, a regular yacht measures around 55 feet. Yachts come in different sizes and have specific labels based on their lengths. For instance, a megayacht is over 160 feet; a superyacht – more than 100 feet


You can use your boat for livelihood if you’re a fisherman or for recreation if you just want to spend leisure time for weekend fishing. If boats are simple and easy to navigate, yachts are larger, luxurious and are used mainly for recreational purposes. Hence, they’re also called sailing yachts or power boats.

Nomad yachts, exquisitely built by Gulf Craft – the leading superyacht manufacturer in UAE, are intended for long-range exploration and relaxed touring. Equipped with superior facilities, you can charter one and treat your family and friends to an unforgettable holiday experience in the open waters.


Since boats are generally smaller, therefore, they also cost less. In contrast, yachts are luxury recreational vessels, therefore they are undoubtedly expensive. What make them so? These crafts come with more navigational equipment and they can endure longer-range trips. What’s more, their comprehensive insurance is really costly.

If you’re looking to purchase the best yachts like the Nomad Yacht and get good value for money, make it a Gulf Craft, the renowned yacht and boat builder based in the Emirates. Offering an extensive range of sea-going yachts and boats, you can surely pick your dream boat from among their various luxury yachts for sale.  


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