Boating Safety During A Thunderstorm

Boating SafetyIf you manage a fleet, boat safety should be foremost on your list, regardless of the types of sea crafts you own. If it’s a passenger touring boat like the Utility Series from Gulf Craft, the leading yacht and boat builders in UAE, safety is not only for your ship but also for all the passengers onboard the vessel.

Among the first things to look into before you set sail is to always keep yourself updated on the current weather as well as staying abreast with weather predictions. There are lives involved here and so is your investment, so you don’t take chances.

Anytime while you’re cruising, the bright sunny weather with the puffy clouds above you that’s giving you some nice shade could suddenly turn dark without warning. Before long, a heavy downpour comes coupled with thunder and lightning.

No problem if the marina is still within your eyesight as you can easily head back. But, what if you’re in the middle of the ocean and get caught in a thunderstorm by surprise? If the storm hinders you from going back to port, the least that you can do is to try to reach a different area that’s much safer.

What To Do During A Thunderstorm

  • When you’re out on the water during a thunderstorm find shelter inside the cabin. If you happen to be in a boat without any form of shelter, then stay as low as possible in the midmost part of the boat.
  • Either way, make sure you don’t touch or get near any metal objects and electrical outlets. All electrical equipment or appliances should be unplugged.
  • To prevent rainwater and water from the waves coming inside, make sure all the window cabins are closed.
  • Tall parts or the highest points in the boat like the mast or fishing rods attract lightning, so it’s best to keep them down or stow them away when there’s a storm. This also holds true to sport fishing boats which might be equipped with instruments that are lightning catchers.
  • Give directions to all passengers on board to don life jackets.
  • Above all, reduce the speed of your boat.

Whether you’re a boat owner or a mere passenger, it pays to know basic safety when at sea. Surely, you can’t always avoid being caught in a thunderstorm but there are ways that chances of a strike can be lessened, thus, lowering the chances for injury and damage when there’s a strike.

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