How to find an ideal model for fishing boat and sport fishing boats for sale

find fishing boatsTo find a fishing boat or sport fishing boats for sale, it is important to know what kind of boat the person wants to buy. That is to say to what purpose the boat will be used for and what model the buyer would want to have. Before the Internet has become popular, a person would need to personally scout for boats from one manufacturer to another just to know where to buy a boat. Fast forward to the present, there are already available boats online that can be found with just a click of the mouse. These websites offer different kinds of options for those people who want to buy a boat complete with corresponding boat prices. This has made buying a boat much easier and more convenient.

Gulf Craft to add two more shipyards in the UAE


Leading yacht manufacturer Gulf Craft is in the process of adding two more shipyards in the UAE, according to its CEO Erwin Bamps.

Currently, the company has four shipyards across the country.

“With 1,700 people today and four shipyards, I can tell you we’re adding two more yards at this moment. And that’s the best proof in the pudding to show that we’re actually investing,” he said whilst showcasing the firm’s latest creations at the recent Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS).
Bamps added that despite the firm’s revenues growing by just 5% in 2015, he is confident projects like the Dubai Canal will bring opportunities to the yachting business in the UAE.

“The oil price has come down and affected buying power here and customer confidence. On the other hand, the boat sales in the region were affected by the lack of marinas, and now there are new marinas coming up. There’s the Dubai Canal that’s coming up in 2017 and we believe it’s a factor that will grow the business,” he said.

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