Practical Cruising Checklist from a Yacht Builder

Planning to cruise over the holidays?

Experienced cruisers have shared that the biggest challenge in cruising is fear of the unknown. Also, try to avoid last-minute packing and other preparation as much as possible. It’s hard to imagine what will happen to you, but it can be a great adventure – if you have the right vessel.

A little planning goes a long way toward a smooth sailing. To keep you on track, you’ll need a pre-cruise planning checklist from an expert yacht builder and refer to it from the time you book your cruise to the night before you set sail.


Cruising has become a much more casual vacation, especially in UAE. With sunny skies all throughout the year, cruising with a yacht can offer so many opportunities to have fun. It can improve your quality of life and help you relax as you start cruising along the coast.

Together with Gulf Craft, the leading yacht builder in the emirate, here’s a practical cruising checklist you should always keep in mind. For a greater experience, charter or buy any of the yachts from Gulf Craft!

Gulf Craft is one of the regional players with a reputation for innovation, quality, and value for money. They have a wide product offering of around 400 semi-customized yachts and boats each year, ranging from 8 m to 47 m across four shipyards in the UAE and one in the Maldives


Travel insurance: Two weeks before your trip, be sure that you’ve already bought a travel insurance. Cruising carries its own unique set of concerns that may not be shared by the average traveller. Choose a policy that covers your comfort and safety.

Crew: People cruising on larger boats may have to depend on finding pickup crew, in order to safely manage their boat on ocean passages. Stronger winds may occur, and anything less than a 45 ft. power boat in these conditions may mean trouble.

Food and drink: Of course, your master list should definitely include provisions. Most charter companies will provision your sailboat for you, at their prices. They usually have a form where you fill out any food preferences, allergies, number of people, etc.

  • Breakfast can include easy to eat foods like cereal, bagels, muffins, and granola bars. Eggs keep really well.
  • Lunch can mean a lot of sandwiches, since it’s easy to prepare. You can eat out for a few lunches, especially when you’re on the beach.
  • Dinners are often hot-of-the-grill. It helps if the yacht has a built-in refrigerator. Or, you can always cook the catch of the day.
  • Snacks are especially good at happy hour, after a day of swimming and snorkelling while waiting for dinner to be ready.

First aid kit: Sunscreen is very important when going on a cruise, so be sure to bring some for the whole group. Also prepare motion-sickness pills, OTC meds like pain relievers, tampons, Band-aid and sterile pads, cotton balls, adhesive tapes, tweezers, Q-tips, and matches.

Tool and navigation kit: Even if you’re chartering, you have to check with your provider if they have the needed supply. It’s would be best to know some basic navigation skills suitable for the areas you intend to cruise.


When it comes to spending your time at sea, nothing beats cruising on a yacht built by Majesty Yachts. They are known in the luxury market for combining elegance, comfort, and high-technology into their masterpieces.

Yachts from Majesty Yachts are built to leading international standards. They cater to diverse global tastes in exterior styling and interior design. Each vessel is engineered with dedication and commitment, and reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Visit their website at


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