Finding the Best Yacht Builder in UAE

According to Global Order Book, an annual report issued by the Boat International Group, UAE is one of the world’s top 15 superyacht-building nations. This accomplishment has been made possible by the country’s homegrown yacht builder, Gulf Craft.

Gulf Craft offers a wide range of superyachts with eight different models, available between 24 m and 50 m. This increased not just their global market share in the superyacht category, but also grew its brand equity and visibility in international yachting markets.

Custom Boat Builder

Investing in yachts has long been considered as the epitome of luxury spending. Small and sleek, or long and lavish, these floating real estate are back in trend. In fact, the last international boat show in Dubai gathered more than 26,000 local and international visitors.

Gulf Craft is one of the regional players with a reputation for innovation, quality, and value for money. They have a wide product offering of around 400 semi-customized superyachts each year, ranging from 8 m to 47 m across four shipyards in the UAE.

Yacht and Boats in UAE

Are you looking for a fiberglass yacht, a cruiser, or a fishing boat? There are so many things to consider when buying or chartering a yacht or boat. Gulf Craft shares some important points to help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your choice of vessel.

The right fit

They say that the closer an owner came to finding the right boat, the more likely he will stay in the game. The type of boat you need will depend on how you will use it. Size matters for every activity, whether it’s long-distance offshore sailing, deep-sea fishing, coastal day-sailing, etc.

New or pre-owned

Your financial means will say a lot. New boats will cost more, but a lot of advantages come with being the first owner. For pre-owned yachts, you will have more room to negotiate price. It all depends on whether it’s the right vessel for you. Does it include everything you need, or will you have to spend a lot more on essential cruising gear?


Most of the time, custom boat or yacht buyers are those whose needs and requirements become more specific over time. These vessels may have certain design and style features not found in other builds. Owners can set their own engine package, layout and options.

Boat structure

The basic structure of the boat is also important. When it comes to yacht building materials, most are built with fiberglass. It’s because fiberglass hulls offer a balance of cost, strength, maintenance and appearance. Make a list of the features you want to help narrow down your search.


If you own a private yacht or boat in Dubai, it is mandatory that the vessel is registered with the NTA and the Coastguard. The process can become lengthy and complicated, but you can always ask for assistance from certified agents. With 360 days of sunshine in the Emirate, owning a yacht is worth it!

Experts’ advice

Talk to the experts. From the subject of base engineering to the yacht’s performance, don’t hesitate to ask questions. These people know the right things to say. Following the experts’ advice might save you money in the long run.

Choose Gulf Craft Inc.

The Gulf Craft fleet includes some of the best in the boating and yachting industry. The company offers Majesty Yachts, Nomad Yachts, Silvercraft boats, and Oryx cruisers. They are the leading producer of fiberglass boats and yachts in Middle East and Africa, exporting over 70% of their productions brands to 40 countries.

With combined style, elegance, and superior performance in their vessels, it comes to no surprise how Gulf Craft gained a base of loyal customers worldwide.


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